La Vida en Europa by Brenda Ruiz ’13

May 11, 2013 has definitely been the highlight of this year. I was on the plane flying over to a whole different country, Europe. The plane ride did not feel as bad as I expected it to be; We receive a dinner and breakfast. I slept most of the trip, perhaps that’s why it did not feel as long of a travel. The first day in Cordoba, Spain will forever be one of the best memories I’ll have. When we arrived, my heart was beating very rapidly. It all felt surreal, the idea of being in Spain had yet to sync in, but the moment I realized I had no cellphone to text my friends I had arrived, I knew it wasn’t just a dream. As we walked toward our host mothers, I was definitely experiencing tachycardia. My mom was there, waiting for me with a my name on her name tag. She greeted me and made me feel welcome. As we drove to her home, she was asking me where I was from, I guess she was probably expecting a student whom she would struggle communicating with; Lucky for her, she had me.  The home I have been staying in was definitely not the home I envisioned, it is beautiful. Her house is small in width but has very high ceilings. It is not like the house I live in back in Chicago. I imagine staying in a different setting, but the location is just perfect. There are so many beautifully structured homes around me with balconies covered in colorful flowers, and pebbles on the ground. It is absolutely beautiful. The first night in Cordoba, my host mom wanted to take me everywhere. She told me about all the beautiful places there are to visit. I met up with my classmates to tour around as a group, after “dinner” (10pm), my host mother took me to visit the Roman Bridge. It is absolutely gorgeous over here. The only thing I have yet to adapt to is the cultural differences between the Europeans and my typical lifestyle. Few things I view as being “rude” they see as being normal. For instance, when we talk to an adult, it is formal and polite to refer to them as “usted” in the Mexican culture. Here, they take “usted” offensive because it makes them feel old. It is this and more things, like the food, way of expressing thoughts, etc., that I want to adapt to and bring back with me to Chicago. So far, I am having and amazing experience and wish to enjoy it to the fullest.


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