Alhambra by Quanisha Jackson ’15


The trip to Granada today was unreal!!! It was beautiful!!!

I cannot believe that we stood in the same room that Christopher Columbus asked Queen Isabella for funds to finds a shortcut to India!! I am really excited to be here Cordoba still. It’s like every day that wake up here, I am still surprised lol! This trip to Granada was just awesome. I took sooo many pictures of the beautiful scenery there; the mountains and the valleys and the view of the houses below us and the gorgeous gardens…I can’t even describe it accurately it was SO beautiful. My favorite part was the garden that the Sultan built for his Sultana, it was really peaceful and romantic looking; I hope to have someone build me one someday (I’m just kidding!)

The buffet was also my favorite part (LOL)!  I think I may have tried everything, except the seafood, and liked it all!


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