First Day of the Feria by Ewa Ryzewska ’15

After we came back from our field trip I ate rice and fish and then took a long nap. Then, when it was time, I got ready and went to the Roman bridge, our meeting spot. After the girls from my group met up, we got some ice cream and went on our way to the fair. As we walked, we eventually saw shops on both sides of the bridge and then a marabunta or a crowd of people all waiting for the midnight fireworks. The bridge was a spectacular sight as all of the lights were put together to mimic a star filled sky. The fireworks went off and after they were done, the crowds moved in the general direction of the feria.

The lit up monument guided our way to more food and parties.

There were shops of food, baked goods covered in chocolate, bars, and toys. We went to two clubs in tents and had a great time dancing to both club and flamenco music. It was a cool mix of people dressed in the usual club wear and people wearing traditional flamenco outfits. We left late and tired, got a taxi and went home.


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