Swing of Things by Dana Sibley ’15


It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Spain for over a week now!

All of the days blend together, but last week I was able to have several very successful conversations with my house mother and her son.  My speaking in Spanish still isn’t fluent, but I’m getting better.  I’m so glad to have such a wonderful house mom who has taken me in as one of her own.  I think she is part of the reason I haven’t felt home sick.  Going out in the town is really an excellent way to experience new things; drinks, tapas, getting lost, exploring, and meeting new people are all wonderful experiences that I’ve had.  We go out to experience the different culture and see the different people that Cordoba has to offer.

In the last week I’ve also decided that the European lifestyle is for me and I probably won’t be returning to Chicago.  Sorry Mom and Dad (just kidding, but I really do love it here!)


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